PROPS, JETS & ROTORS is an annual scale model display and competition for aviation modellers and enthusiasts.


 There is more of an emphasis on modeller participation and the display of aviation models rather than competing and winning.


However the "competition" component of the event recognizes and rewards excellence in aviation scale modelling.


All aviation modellers are invited to participate, regardless of the standard of model making skills.




The PJR Website has been added to and improved. There is now a Forum section for modellers to contribute to. Please register and join in posting. 1. Your latest modeling builds and work in progress 2. Theme builds - just the "Thunderbolts & Lightning" at present but this will expand. 3. Buy, swap or sell modeling paraphernalia. 4. Reference section - add photos of your latest real life finds etc. 5. Model Chat - for all things modeling.

17th Annual Aviation Scale Model Display & Competition

 August 11th -12th, 2018